Chairman's Speech

FY 2016-17  
A M Naik

Dear Shareholders,

The Indian economy across the last year, has demonstrated a high order of resilience and remains an island of stability amidst global volatility. Meanwhile, setting its sights on the future, the Government has initiated a number of structural reforms whose positive outcomes should be tangible in long term growth.

The global scenario is being coloured by protectionist policies in various hues adopted by a few developed countries. While such populist measures tend to impede trade and discourage revival of the investment cycle, it is up to international industry to address these challenges by reconfiguring its offerings and recasting its operations. In the Middle East, relatively low oil prices and consequent fiscal pressure has led to contraction of developmental spends.Against this backdrop, the projected GDP growth of India at around 7% is encouraging, despite being temporarily impacted by demonetisation. I believe that the medium term prospects in India are favourable and that the structural reform process will continue over the next few years, culminating in an uptick in the investment momentum.

The Government’s increased emphasis on infrastructure development through a number of flagship programmes has been widely welcomed. Infrastructure spends have a multiplier effect, enabling pan-industry growth, while contributing to an enhanced quality of life. Your Company is uniquely positioned to respond to these initiatives of the Government. Our capabilities in turnkey execution of large scale infrastructure are virtually unmatched, and we look forward to the speedy transition of these publicly-announced proposals into implementation mode.


We also await progress in the Government’s Smart City programme. Our integrated capabilities, covering all aspects of security, mobility, intelligent infrastructure, etc., will help in maximizing the benefits of this initiative and ensure accelerated execution. Another significant area of interest for your Company is ‘Make-in-India’. We aim to leverage our proven manufacturing capabilities at the upper end of the technological spectrum, to manufacture complex equipment and systems in sectors such as defence, aerospace and thermal and nuclear power.

Performance Overview

The Company has performed well in all key performance parameters during 2016-17. Despite facing delays in bidding and award processes, the Company bagged fresh orders of ₹ 142,995 crore recording a growth of 5%. Group Revenues at ₹ 110,011 crore grew by 8% during 2016-17 despite impediments due to demonetisation, tardy realisations from customers in some projects and delays in obtaining clearances and work-front availability. The Order Book of the Company stands at a robust level of ₹ 261,241 crore, providing good revenue visibility for 2017-18. The Company recorded an impressive growth of 43% in the Group Profit After Tax for the year at ₹ 6,041 crore.

The Company successfully listed two of its subsidiaries, L&T Infotech Limited (LTI) and L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) during 2016-17 in its pursuit of creation and unlocking of value for the shareholders of the Company. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that the Board of Directors of your Company has recommended a bonus issue in the ratio of 1:2 and a pre-bonus dividend of ₹ 21 per share. The corresponding dividend in the previous year was ₹ 18.25 per share.