Detailed News 06/08/2019
Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Allotment
Re : Allotment of 76,163 equity shares to FCCB Holders

This is to inform you that a Committee of Directors of the Company has, on August 3, 2019, approved allotment of 76,163 (Seventy Six Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Three) equity shares of Rs. 2 each (Rupees Two only) upon conversion of 1600 (One Thousand Six Hundred) 0.675% convertible bonds due 2019 of USD 1,000 each at a conversion price of Rs. 1277.67 (Rupees One Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Seven and Paise Sixty Seven Only) per equity share with a fixed rate of exchange on conversion of Rs. 60.82 to USD 1.00 in terms of the Offering Circular dated 14th October, 2014.

Post the aforesaid allotment, the paid-up capital of the Company is Rs. 280,65,07,364 (Rupees Two Hundred and Eighty Crore Sixty Five Lakh Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty Four Only) divided into 140,32,53,682 (One Hundred and Forty Crore Thirty Two Lakh Fifty Three Thousand Six Hundred and Eight Two) equity shares of Rs. 2 each (Rupees Two Only).