Chairman's Statement

FY 2020-21  
A M Naik

Dear Shareholders

I am addressing you all at a time when the nation has been impacted by the second wave of the Corona virus, leading to widespread distress and tragic loss of life. The unexpected scale and intensity of this year’s surge threatened to overwhelm India’s healthcare systems and undermine the prevailing macro-economic narrative. Undoubtedly, this is the most severe test ever faced by all of us – households, corporates, civil society and the Government.

At this critical juncture, as important as observing health and safety measures is to remain psychologically strong, guard against cynical despair and stay united in our shared sense of purpose. As they say, the darkest hour is before dawn, and we are already beginning to glimpse early signs that give rise to cautious optimism. The declining trend in cases across the states as well as the prospects of the vaccine rollout gaining pace should help us look forward to happier times.


Your Company reiterates its strong commitment to serve the people of this country, and expresses solidarity with the nation and its leadership.

Response to the Pandemic

L&T’s first priority has revolved around taking every possible care of its employees, contract workers and society at large. For our employees, we have initiated a broad spectrum of measures that encompass financial, medical and insurance assistance as well as educational support.

These measures were communicated across the organisation and have contributed to bolstering the morale of our workforce. All these are over and above the regular benefits and insurance payments already in place for employees. In addition, quarantine centres, fully equipped with oxygen generators and other vital